Interference Management - About the Project

The Interference Management Project

Traditionally, management of the radio spectrum has been based around tight technical control of the parameters of radio transmitters (and, to a certain extent, radio receivers as well). Increasingly economic techniques are being used to manage the radio spectrum in an effort to ensure that the maximum economic benefit is acheived through the use of this highly valuable and utilitarian resource.

Technical transmitter parameters, however, still remain a common way of specifying system parameters in such a way as to try and avoid interference between services sharing the same, or adjacent spectrum. This project explored the concept of defining mechanisms whereby the actual interference caused by transmitters to other users, rather than the transmitter parameters themselves, are controlled. Technical, economic, practical and regulatory assessments were then conducted to compare how such interference based management techniques fared in comparison to traditional spectrum management techniques.

The results of the study, subject to the findings of the analyses, included a series of recommendations which will enable wider recognition of the role of, and greater use of, interference management techniques as a way of managing the radio spectrum.


As part of the project we undertook to consult as widely as possible on the issues and implications of interference management. We conducted a number of interviews with key parties (thank you to those who got in touch or otherwise contributed to the project in this way). In addition we are asked as many people as possible to complete our on-line questionnaire which was taken by around 30 participants, many more also sent us their views and information directly.

We also held two large workshops. During these events we shared our thoughts and ideas and invited industry professionals to work together with us to develop the concepts of interference management.

The Team

This project was undertaken for the European Commission and was managed by InterConnect Communications Ltd as part of the Eurostrategies consortium and LS Telcom. Team members are also drawn from Connogue Ltd and Cartman dot ORG Ltd.

The project leader was Richard Womersley¹ who can be contacted by telephone on +44 (0) 1252 451651.

Presentations and Deliverables

Copies of the presentations given at the two workshops conducted as part of the project as well as a link to the final report can be found on our events page.

¹ Richard Womersley is now working for Helios but is happy to be contacted regarding any queries concerning the project or its findings.
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